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Venison Barbacoa


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Reading all of these recipes made me hungry so I decided to add one of my own. If I do not communicate something well, please ask for clarification.

I like to make a venison dish with round steaks/roast. When I butcher my deer, I tend to be fussy and remove all fascia, ligaments, vessels, and fat and freeze the entire muscle whole. I do this so I can keep the meat from freezer burn and also it can be cut more uniformly when it is half thawed. When removed from the freezer, I usually let it defrost overnight in the refridge and next day take it out, unwrap and cut to a desired size. I plan on cutting after cooking but want as much marinade or dry rub to touch the meat so I cut into manageable pieces for the grill grate. I use things that i can pick up at the local Wegmans and assemble.

My list:

roughly 4lbs clean venison (I use rounds)

Marinade or dry rub

1 bag frozen onions chopped

1 bag frozen peppers chopped

1 bag frozen spinach (chopped)

2 jars Wegmans salsa (I use tomato or chipotle)

1 can sliced jalepenos

1 can sliced chilis

1 Box Orzo

fresh red onion

several Scallions.

fresh mushrooms (sliced and clean) optional

Garlic, pepper, Basil


Olive oil

Start by treating the venison. Age it at least three days with the marinade or rub of your choice. Keep it chilled. Grill to well but not dry. Carmelize the onions first butter olive oil. Add to a large crockpot. Fry-cook the spinach/green peppers add the jalepenos and chilis and place into the crock pot. Cook the Mushrooms by adding butter and olive oil to a pan. Add mushrooms, then finish with granulated garlic, black pepper, sweet basil. I fry intensely and keep flipping in the pan to sear the fresh mushrooms. I add this to crock pot. I cook the orzo aldente and add to the crock pot. Cut the venison into bite size pieces and add. I also add the two jars of salsa. I mix it all together. I chop the scallions and red onion (1/4 - 1/2 cup) and place on top and do not mix. Cook on low for a few hours. I eat it at this stage but I have wanted to try making wraps using sour cream and taco sauce and grated cheese.

I know a lot of people like using rounds for their jerky - excellent idea. This is just something I developed to give me one more venison dish to eat. It has received good reviews so far. Who knows... maybe it will end up in a Adirondack Cook Book.

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It has received good reviews so far. Who knows... maybe it will end up in a Adirondack Cook Book.


Sounds good & I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for posting it. I wish more guys would share their recipes. There's a bunch of good cooks here. Who knows, maybe Chad will compose an LOU cookbook. ;)

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