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Dreamweaver Green "Halo"


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks guys. Glad you like it.

The Spinny is a black blank w/ crush glow on one side and on the other the outside edge has been painted green w/ crush glow tape.

The spoon is a black blank (silver back) with the outside edge painted green with a glow ladder. The only addition to the original (pictured here) is that i also now add a black ladder under the glow.

The spoon caught some fish for us (Kings, Steelies, Browns) as green/glow usually does. The Spinny on the other hand was our biggest producer last year. By years end there was not a day we didnt have at least one in the water.

Im hoping to get some yellow, purple, and also some orange "Halos" in the mix also.

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