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2012 A-TOM-MIK Invitational Results

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Update: If you want to order more Invitational shirts just e mail me [email protected] Price is $15 plus a 1 time $6 shipping fee

I need to thank Kevin Jerge for doing so much, sort of the man behind the scene making me look good and also to Penny Hartman and her nephew, the DEC for their hard work, my mom, dad, aunts, uncles and cousins for getting together so much like trophy's, selling shirts, and organization as well as my son who set up over 200 chairs and the tables. I need to thank Steph for the many hours she put in with me, Joe the caterer and my long time friend Tommy Germain for helping Joe. There were so many bodies that made this happen. Thanks to Mr.Clean for his great donation and Stevie Hot Rod, also to Troy at Lake Ontario Outdoors, also Bob Cinelli/Twin Villiage Recycling for their great donation and to the Shark people.

2012 Inaugural A-TOM-MIK Invitational Results

1st Place Great job by Rich Nau & crew for putting it together the day it counted the most !!

Praying Mantis


2nd Place Nicely done by Chad and his team

Son of a Gun


3rd Place Mark Eroh, Dennis and his team rounding out the top 3



4th Place Pete Shellhamer

On The Lam


5th Place Pete Lahosky



6th Place Kevin Clark



7th Place Lester Zimmerman

Zip-n-Zim/Time Fly's


8th Place Tim Thomas/Jeff Thomas

Finders Keepers


9th Place Tom Allen/Eric Burger



10th Place Brian Kegg



11th Place Eric Marcinkowski



12th Place Rod Keyser

Oh Baby/Lucky Enuff


13th Place Tom Burke/Andy Bliss

Cold Steel


14th Place Greg Gehrig

Top Gun


15th Place Craig Hajecki/Rob


16th Bill Kopek

Strong to Quite Strong


17th Dave Rubley

Triple Deuce


18th Dan Peschler (also won 2- 15# shark weights)

Fish Magnet

Largest Salmon of the event

Finders Keepers



Pre-fish Friday winners (largest 2 Salmon)

1st Place Praying Mantis


2nd Place PrimeTime


3rd Place Hideout



25- Hot Wires 57.86

26-Sparks/Warship 51.88

27-Prize Fighter 48.24

28-Salmon Tracker 32.28

29-Smash Mouth 25.60

30-Popey Charters/Crazy B*tch 16.90


32-Instedda Wurkin

33-Tackle Buster

34-Sea Devil


36-Out for Trout

37-I'll Have Another


39-Hot Pursuit Two


41-High Voltage

42-High Adventure


44-Fish Chopper



47-Ace Charters

48-Liquid Plumber (Did not fish)

Pre-fish Friday (Largest 2 Salmon)

1st Praying Mantis 52.25

2nd PrimeTime 51.36

3rd Hideout 51.11

4th Royal Flush 50.14

5th Hot Wires 50.08

6th On The Lam 49.22


8th Fish Chopper 48.17

9th Zip-n-Zim/Time Fly's 47.89

10th Hook-n-Up 46.86

Largest Salmon of Event

Finders Keepers 31.64


-HUGE Buffet (included in buy-in)

-$800 Entry

-Invitation only

-6 rod maximum

-Shootout style start

-1 day

-Mandatory observer


-Port of Oswego

-Salmon Only, King or Coho

-Heaviest weight 6 fish

August 11, 2012 Oswego, NY


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-Invites will start going out March 1, 2012

-60 teams is a full field for projected payout with a contingency of added teams

-Those original 38 teams who wrote us letters for an invite will be guaranteed a spot if deposit is sent in on time, I firmly believe we will sell this event out, however we feel at this time there is still room to get in before the allotted amount of deposits are received, when we are full (including contingency teams) we will notify the public via, FB, Internet fishing forums and at http://www.Atommikinvitational.com

(see link for deposit and balance deadlines)



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Buffet food info:

Extra A-TOM-MIK Invitational buffet food tickets are available up until either a "sell-out" or until August 1, 2012

I was notified by 3 friend rec anglers who do not fish tournaments if they could purchase food tickets and watch our weigh-in

ANYBODY who wishes to come watch the weigh-in is more than welcome, and I encourage it !!!

Teams competing in this event are included in the buffet for their 3 or 4 man/woman team (+ observer gets 1 meal ticket)

Extra meal tickets for team members over 4 persons (or) not competing, price is $20/person

Contact me

[email protected]


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Well Tom I bashed ya pretty hard when I heard you were so vocal and outspoken towards the Old Pro ?ams...I was always tought to hear both side of the story and not pay too much attention to "HEARSAY" ...Guess i was guilty and a little Assuming of some of the stories ....I heard..

How do I say ."always learning, or never learning".....

Sorry Dude

Ray K.

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Not sure what you mean Ray and I don't recall the bashing, but all is well with you an I as far as I am concerned !!

Vince, We hope to get there, I think we will !! Funny how fishing is so great but as I drive by many marinas along the South Shore so often it is a ghost town after 2 pm. Except for maybe the weekends, a sign of the times at the present moment I guess. Word will spread, fishing is off the charts in many areas of the South Shore, those of us who are able to "frequent the scene" are truly blessed.

I can't wait to shake up O-Town a little and fill the air with the competitive atmosphere it deserves. Kings are here, they are everywhere, its a great thing !!! I'm going to enjoy them as much as I can or go broke trying, lol


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Our weigh in location has been finalized, I never knew it would take this long or this many meetings to use city space, however our events happenings will take place on the east side of Breitbeck park

East of the bell and West of the Mc Crobie building, this area is also west of Wrights landing marina


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Food Buffet finalized:

Burgers and Hot Dogs during weigh-in


Grilled Chicken

Smoked Turkey

Pulled Pork

Sliced roast beef

Baked Beans

Salt Potatoes

Cole Slaw

Tossed Salad

Rolls and Butter

Soda and water

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