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Got on the water at 6am with a stiff SSE wind. Set up in 45 fow east of Port Bay and worked the 65-120 fow range. Ended at 10am 4 for 7: 12, 18, 22, & 23 lb kings. Riggers started at 25 and 35 ft down when we picked up the 18 lb king (down 25 over 65 on NBK), had 2 others on off the riggers that shook loose (NBK and Dirty White Boy, down 25 over 75 and down 35 over 90), took the other kings on the wires out 120 to 135 with the Dalmation Spinny/Blue Dolphin Fly combos. Dropped the riggers to 65' and 50' and had the 65' rigger go, but lost another shaker on a white echip/white fly.

We were a little deeper than most other boats (35-60 fow), I would guess they were targeting browns or avoiding the higher chop out deeper. We'll be out again tomorrow AM still looking for that 30+ lb'er! :P

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