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Pictures of a kid you took fishing


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Today I was told by someone that instead of paying for something,it would make him happier if I take a kid fishing. I do this a few times a year and often I invite the father along as well

Anyway, the smile on the kids face is just about the best way you can get paid back. Here is one of those smiles.


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Took my buddy and his 13yo daughter out this past summer. This was her first time fishing for anything bigger than a bluegill

Here she is with her first brown trout


and here with a 20 lb king that she landed all by herself


and here is her brother from several years ago with a 22 lb king



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This is my son Jake, my only son (3 other girls plus wife, and two female dogs) .... its my own fault. Anyway he is also the future first mate and heir to the throne. This was his first hour of king fishing and he "helped" landing it so he got credit for his first, first of many that afternoon and in the future.


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Took my 4 yr old twin (fraternal) granddaughters out last July.

Their secret technique is to have their dollies keep an eye on the fish pole.

I thought that at least one doll was going overboard, but they seem to be able to keep them in the boat.



Looks like it worked for this small laker.


Their pay off for a hard days fishing were brownies.


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My friend Garth's son . His very first boat trip fishing at Hemlock . He cleaned the sunnies out of a little west side bay!!


My son headed for Saudi Arabia this fall after ARMY MP training in Missourri


My daughter we found a school of rockies on Canandaigua one evening.


My son's buddy. He prefers to bass fish but I think he was impressed with some of the lakers we boated on cayuga one june morning.


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The day my girlfriend's son caught his 1st steelhead was a magical day.. I had just caught one and as kids will be, he got very sad, thinking

he'll never catch one, so I asked him if I could cast his line for him...seconds later, I hooked one, handed him the rod and he had

the time of his life trying to land that fish! It actually pulled him to his knees a couple of times, but in the end we managed to get it in the net!

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