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is it Atlantic or land lock salmon?!?  

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  1. 1. is it Atlantic or land lock salmon?!?

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    • Land lock Atlantic salmon

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I dont think they were landlocked by man. They made their way to Ontario and Champlain and established populations there. The Ontario salmon were fished into extinction by around 1900 if I recall.

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They are Land Locked Atlantic Salmon. Period.

Sebago Lake in Maine was one of the first lakes to support a naturally reproducing Land Lock Salmon.

Or so I been told.

Fish from Sebago were stocked in many different lakes.

Should find a lot of information on this topic by doing a search on the internet.


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They are two differnt strains of the same fish now the way I researched it some time back. Started as Atlantics that got landlocked by man and kept reproducing long enought that they are a new/ own strain now.

Talk about being almost right but way wrong at the same time........must be getting OLD mind is fading :lol::P

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landlocked salmon swim in cayuga, smash my green colored spoons,battle like hell all the way to the net, get a ride in a cooler to my charcoal grille and get eaten during the Yankee game.

When I catch an Atlantic this year in lake ontario, I shall report!!


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