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Here are a few pictures from Sodus Point. As you can see there is a small snowbank at the ramp and quite a bit of ice buildup along the shore in the lake. There is a defined line of colored water that goes out a few hundred yards from shore. There is also quite a bit of ice floating in that area. If we get a south wind most of that would clear out pretty quickly. If you go out beware of the wind changing and coming onshore, I have seen the channel fill in within a few hours and you can end up stuck in the lake with no way to get back to the ramp. If anyone wants a report on the ramp this week you can email me and I can go see what things look like within a few minutes. I work at the golf club on the hill as you come into sodus point. [email protected]




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I just received an email (4 08 PM) from Shameless and here is what he says:

"I checked along the shore on my way home today. There was ice floating all along the shore as far as I could see and there were a few places where the wind or current had caused lines of ice chunks to form that went out from shore as far as I could see. I wouldn't take my boat out there yet and I assume no one else would either. I will report on the message board when it starts to clear."

I will probably postpone.

If i change my mind later tonite i will post.

BTW if you do go consider a work around if the chute gets clogged....like letting someone off at the pier and then motoring to hughes, pultneyville or bear creek. That was my back up plan.

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This buildup happened with the lake effect snow we got this weekend. Strong north wind and over a foot of snow! Sun and warmer should clear it out fairly soon. Email any time for a quick report.

Thanks for all the info shameless. All of us guys down South appreciate it, I am thinking about Saturday or Sunday we will have to see what it looks like Firday. Thanks again Sean

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