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Stick Baits--SOLD Pending payments

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I have 6 lots of sticks for sale. It's almost time for banging the beach for Brown Trout. I have too many sticks, and want to sell some of them off. Price does not include shipping. Buyer can pick up in Rochester or at LOTSA. Otherwise pay shipping cost.

Sold Pending Payment Bomber Lot - 8 baits in various colors. $25


Sold Pending Payment Renosky Lot - 9 baits various colors all 5" models. $25


Sold Pending Payment Storm Lot - 11 baits in various colors. Some small sticks and some regular size. Two deep diver goby sticks too. $30


Sold Pending Payment Miscelanious Lot - 10 baits. A few Rapala Husky Jerks, a Bagleys, A few BPS sticks, and some jointed sticks. $25


Sold Pending Payment Smithwick Lot 1 - 7 baits in various colors and either 5 or 6" sticks. $20


Sold Pending Payment Smithwick Lot 2 - 7 baits in various colors and either 5 or 6" sticks. $20


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