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LOTSA Special


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LOTSA is almost here, and this year Big Weenie Brand has done something really great for us!! My daughter Lily will be joining me at the Jon's Little Salmon / Big Weenie Booth. She asked me a few days ago if she could take her girl scout cookies to sell at our booth...how can a dad say no? So I pitched the idea to Big Weenie, and they were gracious enough to custom make 72 limited edition fly's we will call the Lily fly....in her favorite color purple, of course :yes:

The Deal is, you buy a box of cookies from Lily at The Jon's Little Salmon booth and you will receive this limited edition Lily fly FREE !!

Thanks to BW, We have 72....when they are gone, they are gone and you can only get this fly through Lily !

Here it is...the Big Weenie Lily Fly, free with you box of Girl Scout Cookies at Jon's Little Salmon booth at LOTSA

Thanks again to Big Weenie Brand for custom making and donating these fly's to a good cause :yes::yes:

This is going to be a smoking fly for the lucky few that have it ;)


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Good to see you decided to come down again for the Expo. Looking forward to see you again.

Yeah Tim, what's a little 7 hour drive each way? The Wife is leaving that day to go to San Francisco....so I am bringing the kids with me and we're making a weekend out of it. Gary is helping make it extra fun for them. Looking forward to seeing ya there :yes:

Sounds like bribery to me

No Jeffery...Lily was looking forward to joining me even before this...but now she's SUPER excited!! Justin....not so much...lol

Lily got her flies today and went right to work bagging them...



She bagged 36 flies for you guys tonight....36 more to go :yes:


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Lily called me last night and caught Rod trying to lift a fly from her. Nice Rod. She need a job? Hope she has a blast doing this. Jon will have the new MD spook there, also the new Blow Pop and Gooster flies, both rocked last year in testing. Get a proctologist before there gone, thats a great fly ;) Talked with both Joe and Marlowe who both work with Lotsa in someway, they will be down to get cookies so get there early if you want them. Thanks so much guys, BW

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What was I thinking when I let her call you Gary...now she's got all the flies in her room and I'm not allowed to have one unless I buy a box of her Girl Scout Cookies, even though I've already bought like 10 boxes :rofl::rofl:

She's really looking forward to this guys..$3.50 for a box of cookies AND a hot fly....what a deal :inlove: Limited supply, so make it your first stop.... it will be even more limited if I find where she's hiding them :D

I have seen some of the New 2012 Big Weenie fly's....HOT STUFF!! We'll be at the same spot as the past few years. Stop by early for the best selection. Jon from Jon's Little Salmon Bait & Tackle is running it this year so we'll have an expanded selection of fishing tackle with some great deals!

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I really dig that fly Gary ;)

With regards to the Lily fly, I'm not sure what you are implying.... :lol: Actually, I'm working on getting that extra case of 12....she should have 72 8)

Anything special? Right now we have thin mints, peanut butter, caramel delights and shortbread.

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BTW...I will try to post some of the specials we will have at the Jon"s Little Salmon tabes on Saturday evening. I won't know till I get up there what special deals we'll be offering.

I know we'll have the best overall selection of Big Weenie Brand Flies we have ever had at LOTSA, including some new ones that are going to be killer! I know we have some Spooks, which may have been one of last years hottest BW patterns on Lake Ontario once it was released mid season. We'll also have the new Mountian Dew Spook. Most of the patterns will be in limited supply so the popular patterns will probably go early. This year we will also have a good stock of meat rigs !! Meat is back, so we'll have meat rigs, 11" flashers & custom Big Weenie Kingfishers (the fish shaped flasher).

We'll also be pulling different stuff from Jon's store....I know he has a load of Northport Nailes he want's to clear out to make room for new stock. He also has a bunch of the Jitter Fly's, which are no longer available since they went out of business. We'll probably have a good deal on them to clear them out.

And of course...the FREE limited edition Big Weenie Lily fly with purchase of a box of GirlScout cookies. We agreed this fly will only be available once a year at the LOTSA show...through Lily :) When they are gone...they are gone....till next year.

I'll post a better list Saturday night .

See you all at the Expo :yes::yes:

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Rod, Not implying anything but it dont take a mathamagian or someone who can explain Einsteins fear of relatives ;) to see there are more flies than cookies. I know Jon likes cookies but 12 boxes! I say Lily sells out in under 2 hours. Hope you guys have fun and make Jon wear that special shirt, BW

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Rod, Not implying anything but it dont take a mathamagian or someone who can explain Einsteins fear of relatives to see there are more flies than cookies.

lmao...you know, I have tried to get a couple for myself, but she has them hidden and she keeps counting them cause she knows her dad collects fishing tackle :D She says I gotta buy cookies too, no family discounts!

We're gonna have a great time, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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