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Cayuga 2/18 T-Falls


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Another slow day on Cayuga for me & Chris (traveling man). Brought home a couple decent salmon and a couple lakers but we didn't really find the groove. We did enjoy a couple white outs & we were glad to be in a heated wheel house looking out at the snow. Sounded like some others were more successful w/ boards. Next time out I will bring the mast etc- spaced out on that component of the program today :(

P.S. Folks the T-Falls launch is getting really dicey! Its very,very low water all the way out into the lake so be mucho careful, especially on the lake side just after the bridge!

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I went out on Friday in my 21 footer and right under the bridge is terrible. We had a good day with about 30 fish. Mostly salmon with a couple 6 pounders a couple decent browns and 1 laker about 18" The fish definitely preferred the snap weights of the boards. Riggers took some fish too 20' down

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