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Car Pool to LOTSA


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Hey all,

If anyone from the east end wants a ride to the LOTSA show Sunday, let me know. We are taking the Motorhome out, so we'll have room for a few people. Right now, it's just me and Jon (from Jon's Little Salmon Shop) and my two kids.

We are leaving Jon's Little Salmon Bait & Tackle in Mexico @ 3:30 am Sunday morning and we should return by 6 pm or so.

See everyone at LOTSA :yes::yes:

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I would have loved to have gone but had to work out of town for the weekend. I could have met on 81N near Wilkes-Barre since your coming up through my neck of the woods anyway. I am a regular customer of Jon's as well having a slip on the Little Salmon at Mike's Marina. It would have helped me ease the fishing fever that i'm suffering with this warm weather. Well maybe next year.

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