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Question on spin docs+flashers

slow rollin

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Nope..matching color of flasher and fly or spoon to flasher is not a given rule. Matching speed however for the spread of lures action is critical though. Color is usually dependent on water clarity, depth of presentation and the color of the sky. Lure action across the spread is most important to trigger strikes.


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What Skipper said above on speed is spot on!!

As far as matching colors of flasher/flies to spoon colors, I don't. It's more important to keep track of what flasher/fly pattern or combo has been producing bites, and on what presentation, ie downrigger, dipsy, 300 copper, 400 copper, 500 copper.

When running spoons I typically run a matched color set on each downrigger rod. For instanced a mag on the main line, and a standard size ran on a cheater/slider, or the same size and color and pattern, it all depends on what size and patterns have been producing over the last few trips out. Matched set meaning the same type of spoon (Stinger, NK, Dreamweaver, etc.) and same color/pattern.

My choice of color and size depends on the time of the year, what I'm fishing for, what type or size bait are the fish feeding on and how deep I'm fishing. And usually my spoons are of different color/pattern on each rigger. As the day goes on, if the fish are prefering a certain pattern and presentation, I try to match that with another rod to produce more bites.

I hope this helps.


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