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Got on the water at 6am and fished until 10am. Still had warm water on the surface despite the stiff SE/South winds this week. Worked the same waters as yesterday, but a slightly stronger south wind kept us closer most of the morning. Worked 45-65 though 9am with not so much as a release. At 9am the wind backed down a bit and we swung out deeper - as soon as we hit 95 fow we marked our first good suspended fish sitting at 65 ft. Dropped one rigger from 65' to 75' and BAM! A nice 22 lb king hit the cheater stacked 8' above the ball. It hit a Stinger Black/Silver Killer. That was it for the morning. Seemed like most boats were in search mode all morning as none of them stayed in one spot.

Next outting will be for the Fair Haven Challenge on Saturday. Good luck to everyone who gets out! Tight lines for all!!! :P

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