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Just wondering if anybody has any knowledge of the lake/launch conditions at Conesus. In a normal year, I am guessing that this would be in the ice fishing section, however, there is a lot of open water around the state. I know they lowered the lake too, so is the boat launch accessible/useable? Is there skim ice or is it open to boating? Please PM me (or post). It is an 1hr drive for me to find out the hard way. Thanks...

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I might be able to swing by tommorrow on my way home from work, providing nothing comes up with the kiddos....here's a link to a web cam wich shoots down the lake from north to south its just east of Vital park on the north end...http://conesuscam.com/ most of the time if there is any ice on the lake its on the north or south end. I'll let you know tommorrow hopefully what the launch looks like.


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