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Hey Perch guys!

Silver Fox

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Just an FYI: I have Oakies for sale. More calls recently with the good weather. I'll bump it up on the "for sale" section.

BTW: is their a perchmaster tourny this year? The website looks like it hasn't been touched in a year.

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Steve ran into the guy who runs it and I guess he called it quits. Too few boats entered last year to make it worthwhile...of course, what do you expect when the same guys seem to win year-after-year? There's a couple groups of elite anglers down there that are hard to beat.

I'm sure that someone will correct me if this information has become obsolete, but I think that it's off.

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fyi..., the avon anglers are holding a "jumbo" tourney on keuka lake march 31st. it appears to be pretty much the same rules as the perchmasters (fish must be alive and top 5 weighed). if interested check out avonanglers.com for info.

also..., the dresden duckhunters club will hold their annual perch tourney april 14th and 15th.

get out and support these clubs!!!!!! good luck fisherman

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