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Finally made it out after one cancelation and one dry run.

After the blow this weekend the lake was either muddy or real green water as far as one could see. Fish were in the green water, none in the muddy water. Hard to find a hot spot as the colored water was wides spread. Most fish in 10 to 15 ft of water, then found a pocket of green water in close. Hot Steel, Orange, and Firetiger. Action was not as fast as some of the reports from last week, but we scratched out a dozen or so. Only one decent fish. Surely not like the pictures from last week.

Here is a picture of a real pretty brown and a student who played hookey today.


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Whats the reasoning to epoxying the slots? By doing that you have eliminated the second option of using them after a groove has worn by threading them. Actually the original design was meant to clip the slot over the planer line. Small piece of tape over the slot & no problem with mono getting hung in it.

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I epoxy the slot to elimate the problem of another line getting caught up inside the release. I have seen no evidence that the hole I am using is getting a groove in it from the planer line (Releases are at least 10 years old and maybe more like 15). Also, I like them being permanently attached to the line, that way i don't have to fumble around trying to hook them in or keep track of a bunch of them.

I don't understand your logic about using tape. If your objective is to remove every time, that tape would have to be placed on the groove every time you snap one on the line.

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