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Spoons, Planer Boards, and more stuff

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Got a bunch of stuff from a buddy of mine that he has asked me to sell for him. This is all stuff that I already have so just sending it down the line. Everything is in good condition, with the exception of the downrigger rods, they are more like fair condition.

NK 28s and Mags $60.00


Not sure what these spoons are, I've seen plenty of them. $10.00


Set of Super Ski Planer boards. These are the fixed style, they do not collasp. $50.00


6 Roemer downrigger releases. These work fine, and are adjustable. $3.00 a piece or $15.00 for all 6


5 downrigger rods in fair condition. 2 Fenwick Rigger Stiks, 2 Ugly Sticks, and one Diawa. These are 8' medium light action, probably best for planer board fishing, or walleye fishing. $5.00 a piece or all five for $20.00


10 dodgers, single 0 size with one 00 size. $30.00 for all 10.


If you are interested in any of these items message me through the site, or call my cell at 585-233-9163.


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Thanks for all the PMs and phone calls. I apologize for some late responses, I haven't spent much time in front of the computer lately.

The only thing left are the dodgers.

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