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Winter Boat project


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Late Fall i blew my motor and figured it was a good time to do a new floor and try to make as much room as possible. Here are a few pics of the long project i had. For the floor i used 5/8 advantech subfooring which is the best when it comes to water resistance. I used a two part closed cell foam for under the floor and two gallons of herculiner bed liner :clap:for the surface , stuff is awesome! I built the side console and gave it two coats of fiberglass resin and then bondo,sand and paint. The plexiglass i cut of my old console and fitted it to the new one. It was alot of work but im extremely happy

First the Old



the floor










Piece of wood between casting deck and floor is advantech bondo, and paint


I did three coat of herculiner on the floor and it is realy thick and strong. I bought a can of the Rustoleum bedliner spray to see how it was before i bought the gallon and i wasnt impressed. So i figured i would spend alittle extra and get the herculiner because i heard it was thicker. Herculiner was about 90$ a gallon. Foam was from uscomposites.com, 16 pound kit ( two gallons) was about 90$ with shipping.

Few more Pics to come after the mast ans other toys get on it. Hopefully i will be on the niagara soon, i have taking it out and it ran great

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Thanks guys...carp, for the bottom of the hatch I used a grate for transferring pop bottles or something. Burger king on Lyell ave. is being remodeled and I have been working there and I just scooped it out of the dumpster, cut it to size. For the side I just Used wood that also supports the floor. I use my cooler for a seat so I can just move it around, I'm hardly sitting unless its a slow day

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Thanks for the information and pictures, I'm about to tackle my 16 ft Starcraft FM160. Your post has been very helpful!

Big Dave- We'll have to compare our progress. Mine is a 1988 with a 35hp Merc.

(Get ready Hank, I'm really gonna do it this time!!)


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