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I have a custom built 6.5' heavy action boat rod with roller guides that has a Penn 113 Senator 4/0 reel. I used to use this rod for dolphin and bottom fishing when I lived in S. Florida. Could this rod be used with copper or is it too heavy duty ? Thanks !

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That kind of rod is not ideal for long line copper set ups. It is to short and stiff to pump in 500 yards of line plus a fish. The only thing I can think it might be used for would be a thumper rod set up where you would run a heavy sinker, often near the bottom. You can search this site for thumper rod set ups to see how they are done. Even those set ups are more often done with longer rods but there is no rule that says you can't use the rod for a thumper or copper for that matter.

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You can use any rod but the question would be whether or not your going to be able to enjoy the battle of the fish or just wench them in.

Good luck


Enjoy the battle or "wench" them in????? Would that be a Maid in America wench??? :lol::o

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