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The A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown is for those teams who fish at least 2 of the 3 Eastern end Challenges

A-TOM-MIK Challenge June 23, 2012 Complete

Little Salmon River Challenge July 28, 2012 Complete

Fair Haven Challenge August 25, 2012 Complete

Click on area you want to blow up

Final Standings A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown




Thanks to all who participated, it was a great year and we had a ton of fun, as you can see it was a close race, every pound matters !!!!

Congrats to Tony Chat & Bill Kopek & team "5 More Minutes", a great accomplishment for Tony to compete against many weekend warriors, captains, big name tourney guys and all.



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Little Salmon River Challenge July 28, 2012

Fair Haven Challenge August 25, 2012

Same rules apply for the A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown (best 2 scores from the 3 events, 10 extra points for fishing each)


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You may also send us a check

Make checks payable to Tom Allen and send to

246 West 7th Street

Oswego, NY 13126

These will be the pay-outs this year based on 50 teams for the Triple Crown (over-all)

1st Place 30% of entry dollars & Coveted Cup for 1 year

2nd Place 20% of entry dollars

3rd Place 10% of entry dollars

4th Place 9% of entry dollars

5th Place 8% of entry dollars

6th Place 7% of entry dollars

7th Place 6% of entry dollars

8th Place 5% of entry dollars

9th Place 3% of entry dollars

10th Place 2% of entry dollars

Est. for 50 entrants ($5000 pot)

1st $1500

2nd $1000

3rd $500

4th $450

5th $400

6th $350

7th $300

8th $250

9th $150

10th $100

Thanks to all who participated in last years over-all

2011 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Results

1st Fish Hawk 342.25

2nd Big Fin/Sea Devil 338.45

3rd Praying Mantis 324.90

4th Cold Steel 324.45

5th Two & a Half Men 324.35

6th Hot Pursuit Two/Whiplash 323.85

7th Thunderstruck 318.80

7th Breaktime 318.80

9th 5 More Minutes/Sunchaser 314.40

10th Cold Water Affair/Lucky Enuff 311.55

11th Seaducktion 304.35

12th Thinking Big 289.20

13th Rockwood 288.65

14th Hot Wires 284.75

15th Ace Charters/TroubleShooter 282.00

16th Team A-TOM-MIK 273.50

17th Finders Keepers 273.35

18th Liquid Plumber 269.70

19th Horsin' Around 263.85

20th Broad Horizons 263.45

21st Iron Man 262.20

22nd Subject to Change 259.65

23rd Team Buffa 255.90

24th Out for Trout 250.90

25th High Adventure 242.00

26th Good Times/Big Weenie 223.50

27th Screamer/A-TOM-MIK 220.10

28th Trout One/Fish Chopper 220.08

29th Goin Deep 220.00

30th Blue Eyed Lady 211.80

31st Flash 5 205.10

32nd Team TK 204.00

33rd Salmon Tracker 196.40

34th Popeye/Crazy B*tch 187.45

35th Dixie Dandy 180.80

36th Off Track 174.60

37th BV Express/Team Minnow 167.60

38th Team Sparks 164.10

39th Fast & Silver 151.00

40th Hat Trick 135.70

41st Fish Nuts 109.80

42nd Daniel Fishing Team 107.40

43rd More Marvelous 105.60

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Are there any other links available. none of these work. ;(

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Question about the rules concerning the number of rods. Is it still going by 2 rods per angler and no more then 8 rods or is there going to be a change in this rule because of the law change to 3 rods per angler.

Either way I am all signed up! Thank you

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The new rule will read like this:

Team Structure: Teams are not limited to a maximum number of anglers. Allowable max number of rods will be based on 4 anglers (12 rods). If you fish fewer than four anglers you may only run the number of rods allowed by law (3 per angler).

The reason is we have involved many charters in our event each year, we do not not want to restrict or detour charter involvement.


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2012 LSRC full results, I tallied these up from my I phone, if there are any mistakes please let me know

The team names listed below the attach did not weigh and there were a few DQ's (water in cooler)

The left numbered column was the LSRC ranks

The Triple Crown (TC) points were also added to the beginning of this thread

-Mikes event drew 92 total teams this year-GREAT TURN OUT-


Time Flys, Fish Psychic, Cold Steel

Fish Nutz, Silver Bullet, Top Gun

Irish Knots, Sea Dawgs, Jonmar

Hat Trick, Trout One, Hanley

I'll Have Another, Dorcas, Kevin's Fish Fry

Fish Chopper, Silver Bullet, Frankie D

Oscar, Salmonoid, Proteus

Hot Pursuit, Lightning,Buffa

Mr. Tex, Any Second, Triple Deuce

Bandit, Oscar, Mikes Big Bears

Ol' Boy, Yukon Joe, Hot Rod

Misty IV, Turtle, Team Dreams

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Very sorry Mike, it has been corrected

Yep , the 2 teams with same name got me

I also changed the over all on the beginning of this thread

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