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NYSDEC Jan 2012 monthly highlights


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Tom, good post on DEC Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources highlights. However, what I really liked was Jason Kemper's (Chairman, Conservation Fund Advisory Board) remarks to NYS Legislators during 2012 Budget hearings last week. He said he does not like Consrevation Fund money going to pay DEC staffers (including ECO's) that have no connection with fishing and hunting. He went on to tell them that fishermen and hunters are the ONLY group that pay over 80% of their own way for the sports they enjoy and that groups such as kayakers, joggers and hikers are not paying anything to use state resources. He went on to talk about the recent fishing and hunting license increase and that this group is getting "nothing for something".

I think he got his point across as legislators are now drafting proposals for registration fees, user fees and permit fees for these groups and others he spoke of in his address

IMO, if you own a kayak, jog or hike NYS resources you are going to start paying for the privilege just like fisherman, hunters,trappers, snowmobilers, ATVers and boaters. Hope it happens and the Conservation Fund can then support what it was designed for, supporting fishing and hunting ONLY.


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