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Mexico Point 3.16.2012

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Matt W.




Date(s): 3/16/12

Time on Water: 0800-1300, 1400-1700

Weather/Temp: wet and windy

Wind Speed/Direction: south-southeast

Waves: 1-2

Surface Temp:

Location: west of mexico point





Total Hits: 15

Total Boated:10

Species Breakdown: All Browns

Hot Lure: Firetiger Smithwick and Bombers

Trolling Speed: 2ish

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 18-22

Lure Depth: 3-6




Lots of fish in the area. I talked to several others at the launch that boated 10 or more browns in the morning. It sounded like the lures taking fish varied greatly. However, my crew and the crew on my buddies boat caught 90% of the fish on firetiger stickbaits. Most fish were 3-4 pounds. However I caught this beauty in 18 FOW just east of nine mile:


It was a great day on the water. We had a brown headed cowbird land on the boat and hang out for 10 minutes. He looked wooped from flying across the lake. I also had a brown cause me to drive a hook through and under my finger nail way past the barb. By God's grace, it actually came out quite easily. My fingers were cold enough I could not feel much.

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Nice job! I too drove smithwick roage hooks in past the barbs twice! I don't know what hooks are on them but if they just lay on your skin they dig in. I haven't had to bite the bullet and yank the barbs out in a few years but twice in one day blows! Again. Way To Go! :clap:

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