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luhr jenson 6 pack

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Has anyone used the luhr jenson 6 pack schoolie attrtactors on lake o or the finger lakes . If so how did they work out for you and do they realy make a diffrence in the number of fish caught .What was you favorite spoon behing them and do they work for browns .. Thank you and have a great season fishing !!!! 8)


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I have tried the 6 pack a few times in the past and only once had a bite on it. I was very violent strike and I believe the fish (whatever it was) actually hit the attractor and not the trailing lure. I say this because there was a massive jolt on the line and the rod bounced and when I reeled it in to have a look the 6 pack and the leader and lure were gone. That was a few years ago and havent used a 6 pack since then.

Last year I did alot of laker fishing with the grease trap and it works very well for lakers. I havent targeted other species with it so Im not sure it will work for them, although Im thinking it might work for rainbows.

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