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Kennebunkport Maine Charters?

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I have a friend who was burned by booking from the internet before. In this era of pop up ads and internet shysters, does anyone have a suggested choice for private charter or head boats in the Kennebunkport area for the Summer time frame? He is vacationing there with family and asked if I would help him find a reputable choice or choices.

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Vince- Depends on species but the Bunny Clark out of Ogunquit does very well. It is a head boat targeting cod and haddock. Try to get on the marathon or extreme trips as regular trips can get crowded. Check their website.

PJ Weber

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Sure Vince,

I won a trip with this guy and had a fun time. It was an evening striper charter for 6 people. Great people. Nice 31 foot boat, plenty of room. Made us feel right at home.

Miss Megan II

Right in Kennebunkport


Capt. Shawn Tibbetts and his wife Capt. Megan

They worked very hard for us but the stripers were in a mood because it was a full moon. they can eat all day AND night. Caught lots of Mac for bait and didnt get many takers. The fish wanted to play with the baitfish not eat it. Great gear and very professional people.

Tuna, shark, ground fishing, stripers and blues are what they offer depending on the time of year.

Good luck to your friends.

Brad Wyard

Team Seaducktion

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Off topic Capt Vince- but its funny u should say that about your hookup percentage... I borrowed your boy Nick today and my hookup percentage went from 95% on wednesday to 30% sunday. What are you teaching him?!? LOL...

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I live in the next town over from Kennebunk (Sanford), all the posts listed are 100 % accurate, There is another option for a more personalized charter. My friend Capt'n Brad McDonald runs a charter out of Camp Ellis Me. off the Saco River, it is just north of Kennebunkport. He takes max 6 persons, $500 per trip runs a 31 ft Holland and will fish 12 hrs per day. His boat name is Relentless and his phone # is 1-207-432-7286. He will fish haddock, cod, strippers, blues,shark or tuna, whatever you choose and he is GOOD.

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