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Sandy Creek 3/18 Evening

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Fished out of sandy this afternoon from 3- 6 just to get the boat in the water and give everything the once over. The weather could not have been better for being March 18th!!! :yes: Ended up going 7 for 11 in the short 3 hours. Most came on Jr. Thundersticks in 8ft of water. No Monsters but all in the 5-7lb range. Best area was just west of the creek and pullin at 2.2 mph. Cant wait to get out again this week!!!

Jakey Babey


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We got out at first light and started casting just off the mouth. Then trolled east to west. Water was waaaay too clear and we didn't find stained water til just west of the pier. We went 3 for 4....all cookie cutter browns, but I guess we did better than most boats. While casting in 8-15 feet of water, 2/5 Cleo's in gold, copper, and silver and chartreuse took fish. While trolling, a silver and black stick (bomber) was the ticket with 100' long line. Nothing off the riggers (ran Stingers) and nothing off the boards. I think the lines off the boards weren't long enough, but we have an electric trolling motor and thought shorter lines would be ok. Beautiful day out there til around noon when a N breeze set up....just enough to make it cold, but not enough to cause a chop. Quit around 1. Can't wait til next weekend. FYI....2 docks are in, but not the floating dock.

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Nice first day. The docks are in at Sandy. Will be keeping my boat at Sandy for the first time in 15 years. I live in the Finger Lakes and been trailoring back and forth. Now that I'm older I don't want to trailer back and forth. Last year I did most of my fishing out of Sandy. Been fishing the lake for 40+ years and have an 18 1/2 ft Scout. Looking forward to meeting the regulars out of Sandy. Spring never comes soon enough for me. Probably will be there this week end.

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