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Cayuga 3/17

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2 friends joined me and we launched from Treman by about 8:00 Saturday morning. After a delay due to some coolant flow issues, we carefully made our way through the inlet. My 17' bay boat does not ride very deep, so we were OK, but the water depths ranged from 2' to 9' on the way out. Be careful.

We trolled the south end on both sides and across the middle along the drop off until about 2pm with very little luck. Even with a six rod spread including a variety of colors and depths, we only managed a healthy pickerel and a 26" laker. Water temps ranged from 46 degrees to 50 degrees at the surface. Today was not our day, but at least it was beautiful weather and the engine is shooting a strong stream of water out the side again. Next time...

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