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Mexico Bay on St Pattys Day!

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:7:30-2:00


Wind Speed/Direction:East (light)

Waves: Dead Calm

Surface Temp:

Location:Mexico Launch to Nuke Plant





Total Hits: 6

Total Boated:5

Species Breakdown:4 browns, 1 lake trout

Hot Lure: Spoons and Sticks

Trolling Speed: 1.9-2.2

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:10-18

Lure Depth: 6-8




First trip out this year for me, the fog was a real bear but once it lifted the fish started hitting for about an hour and a half then it died off. Managed 4 browns, 2 were cookie cutters and 1 was 8 lbs and the other 9 lbs 1oz. We couldnt have asked for better weather once the fog lifted. Im sure if I could have found some colored water we would have done better. The only down side to the day was the blown water pump in my Jeep when I pulled the boat.....its always something.

We did grab a 24" laker in 18' of water near the nuke plant on a green spoon down 6'. Never caught one in that shallow of water before. Anyways, both of the bigger browns were in 14ft can caught on orange and gold jointed rapalas on the flat lines.

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