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Cayuga Launches


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Took the fam out Sunday. Launched out of out of Allen Treman and got stuck right in front of the launch. I was low on fluid so I couldn’t trim. Hit the gas and powered through it. When I came in I tried the southern most launch, and hit mud again. That means that there is a ridge of mud about 5’ in front of the docks were the water is about 2.5 feet. Saw about ten or so trailers at the launch, the smaller boats had not problems. Fished on the west side for a couple of hours before my boys had enough (I have 4 sons all under 6 years old so they loose interest.) Had one fish that hit on a watermelon spoon but the fist fight that broke out on deck over who was reeling lost us our dinner! Kids wanted to play on the playground so we motored up to T falls. We tied up to one of the slips at the launch. The T-falls launch is much deeper. I plan on launching there next time.

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I saw you out there and then followed you most of the way home, boat looks great, what beautiful day to be on the water, hard to believe the calander still says march. We worked north of T-Falls most of the day with little to show for it. A handfull of hammer handle LL and two 6lbs class lakers but the weather for this time of the year made it worth it. A tip of the hat to the crew at T-Falls for the work they did cleaning up under the bridge. Other than the jackwagon that backed out all the way from the launch to open water(wish I had video) getting in and out was a breeze. LJ

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