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Cayuga Dec 31


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A couple brns from Cayuga today. We wasted half the day running boards.Did catch a couple pike on sticks off the boards. Moved out deep ran riggers and divers not quite as good as day before. I would like to have this brown during a derby.He is still there swimming around.


Some of the bait piles Ive been seeing deep. they go on for miles. Huge clouds.I think this is why the shore guys are doing poorly . The bigger fish are on the bait. The ones we catch are lively and healthey.

BTW that spoons a Stinger Tuxedo. Happy New Year

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Great job Stix!!!! Stinger and I will be back at it with new tactics! We did poorly on the north end so it's back south this weekend.

We might have to call in the heavy hitters for help.......(strike three)!!!!

You out there Zeke!!!!

Love to have you this weekend..Stingers not much of a guide so I'm looking for the pro!!!

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Way to go stix. Nice way to end the year.

How deep were those browns? Had to be deeper than 65' :?

Got this picture of you off the camera at Cornell. Taken at 9:50AM Sunday. Probably you were still running boards from the location that you were at. Check out the stained water coming out of the inlet.


Hope that `07 will let us keep fishing. Should be back out there next weekend if the weather holds.

Again, nice catch. Have a fishy New Year!

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Yea we worked that mudwater . We thought thats where the fish would be. It was loaded with debris . Couldnt really troll in it. Also it was a few degrees colder than the main lake.

Thats a neet picture you got from Cornell.

Big Dave I cant give up all my secrets. But I do think they swim around the lake .You either find them or you dont.

I cant find them during fishing derbies.

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Stix, anyone really, looking for a little help with some shallow water setups. I don't want to buy much gear (no downriggers) so I figure a pair of dipseys? Or a dipsey/ wire line setup? And I know a lot of you favor wire for the dipseys, but I'm thinking braid for $ reasons. Probably won't be trolling a huge amount.

Inline boards? Good idea? If so, who makes a good cheap one?

I'll probably fish the South end this winter/spring some. Really just looking to reach the top 50' or less, though I know you've been finding the big fish deeper.

Anyway, any tips from you guys would be great. Thanks... I'm sure I'll have lots of questions as I try this stuff out. (Nice fish too!)

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The fish have been deep for whatever reasons the last two years, historically trolling on boards have been effective!

Inline boards work well as well as diseys. Braided line will get the small diseys down around 35' any deeper you'll need the larger didseys.

We use wire for the deeper depths 60' and below so shallow trolling wire isn't needed.

Winter trolling is tough to predict, we hit them on top in 250' as well as 10' ........ You just have to find where the are!

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Hermit I dont really know what to tell you.Somedays the riggers work. Somedays the divers work. Some days they both work.And somedays nothing works.

My best setup is two riggers and two divers.I run 12lb balls and short leads.Usually less than 10ft.I also have better luck on larger size spoons.

As for the wire setups .{Im on my 3rd setup} I m running the 10ft roller rods and Tekota linecounter reels.I usually run stuff back 300ft.None of us guys are spring chickens and 300ft is a lot of cranking but its not to bad with the tekotas. Most of the guys I fish with wont touch the wires when a fish hits. To much work.My best fish seem to come on the wires.I know nothing about braded line. I tried spiderwire once didnt like it. I think there is someting electric about wire. Ive never ran inline planerboards.Ive never had much luck with the smaller dipseys but Ive never given them the run time I have the largers.

Ive got a slidediver setup that should work but I cant say Ive ever taken a fish on it.

I guess if you wanted to mess in the top 50fow a downrigger would be best. You can awalys use a dipsey and try down and out off the riggers.

I personally would not skimp on a wiresetup.

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Fishstix , I will have to hook up with you and show you my 7' roller rods that Jeff made for me. My friend at 84 could reel in his own kings last spring with these rods. I have a set of eagleclaw 8.5' foot rollers that he couldn't use. The shorter rods sure make life on the wire easier. ;)

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......sounds like an awful lot of bellyaching coming from Chaos. You would think he was just jilted by his girlfriend ;( .

Planning another trip for Saturday so if you want to join us just give me a call before someone else does. We will be casting off at 0730 hours. :) . You figure out from where :? .

BTW....when you come to the annual meeting bring the receipt for your paid up dues. If you don't have one bring cash :shock: .... or stix will show you the door..... :arrow:

I really didn't want to dignify your last post by responding but `frisco put me up to it.

Please do not respond to the thread as it is now closed .... :lol::lol:

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