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8-28 Port Bay AM Report

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Got on the water at 5:45 am and set up over 40 fow. Had a great screen with many fish and some bait top to bottom. Worked the 40-65 fow range with many marks on the screen for an hour or so, but no takers, so we headed north for deeper waters. Had one shaker hit at 90 fow down 75 on a white echip/white fly, then nothing for quite some time as we continued heading north. Had a blank screen all the way out to 215 fow then started marking an occational fish between 50-100 ft down. Set riggers at 90 and 78 ft with wires out 160 and 180 ft. When we hit 230 fow we found 'em!! :P Between 8:30 and 10:00 am we hooked into 10 kings and had our first triple!! :shock: Only problem was that we couldn't keep 'em hooked!! :devil: had to come in at 10:15 am and were 3 for 11 at that time: two 8 lb steelhead and a 20 lb king. 4 hits were on the 160' wire with a dalmation spinny/blue dolphin fly, others on the riggers at both depths on silver prism dodger/aqua fly, silver prism echip/hammer fly, and stinger NBK on a slider. The honey hole seemd to be between 220 and 250 fow straight out front of Port Bay.

What a beautiful morning on the water!! Hoping to get back out this afternoon around 4pm for another go (and hopefully a better ratio of landed kings)!! :P

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