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20 size 18 Rapalas in great shape great for walleye

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I am selling 20 size 18 Original Floating Rapalas that I used for Walleye fishing Oswego harbor. I do not fish for them any more so these have to go. These are in great shape and some are very rare original colors that are hard to find 18 are reg floating 2 are flat raps. I am asking $175.00 and they come with a box includes shipping! these retail for 12 to 14 bucks apiece new. Thanks capt rick. [email protected] 315 790 7412


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Thanks guys for your comments. but I will keep them for that. Gander mtn here and most stores in pulaski NY and central NY are selling them for 12 buck a piece plus tax at 8%!! so at least 13 a piece and they do NOT have some of my colors. Look for a original blue back or chart. back or the good perch coclors. Around here in NY rapalas go for allot of money especially original colors not the crappy new colors. plus thats with shipping and a box. Also to end all argument I started at that price because most guys will ask if I would take less. Yes, I would go as low as $130.00 all you have to do is ask. So for anyone that knows the value of hard to find original stlye color Rapalas I will take $130 with shipping and a box and no tax! So if you dont like my prices you dont have to post Thanks

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I fish F-18 exclusively for night bite walleye and the newer colors are awesome expecially hot steel and the bleeding chartruse and blue shad, the only old color that is good is the chartruse one and they make the chrome clown again which is also good.

Frank's great oudoors has F-18 on sale for 6.99 and 8.99 depending on the color.

http://www.franksgreatoutdoors.com/orig ... 00074.html

Get em before they go back up. BTW- most tackle shops around Erie sell these for 9.99 or 10.99

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