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Hey boys

Hope you all had a good winter!

Springtime is a great time of year and this year we are blessed with some exeptional weather. Kings are around the corner. I would like to wish all tournament competitors the best in the upcoming season.

Our Tournaments have not changed at all this year. We believed everything went smooth last yr and want to build on that with previous yrs changes. Change is a good thing sometimes as we will see the evolution of big money tournaments and the new Pro AM format. I am excited for 2012!! We cant wait to compete!!

Entry is still the same $600 for the weekend and $50 for Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday.

Entriesd must be done online at www.thekingofthelake.com prior to the following deadlines.

Spring - Sunday April 15, 2012 - midnight

Fall - Sunday August 19, 2012 midnight

The Series as most overall competitors know is compiled of 5 tournaments and you pick 4 best scores. The 2 two day tournaments are mandatory. You pick the best scores from the Wilson invitational, and both Big Jon Tightlines shootout.

Our Website hasnt been fully updated and still has a few corrections to make but all info neede for the upcoming yr is there.

If you have any questions pls feel free to call me at 905 835 8105 or 905 651 3327


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Thanks for clarifying Yvan. To say the players are ready to get it rolling is the understatement of the year. Please keep your favorite KOTL 70 knot winds away, I've seen enough sailboats fall over while "on the hard" for one lifetime. Also please note, there will be NO Sun Chips onboard, so don't even think about stopping by dockside and devouring 2 whole bags while telling a single story, LOL.

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