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First spring King at Port ontario.

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Longlegg





Time on Water:7-1:00

Weather/Temp: 55 rain and clouds

Wind Speed/Direction: 8 E

Waves: <1

Surface Temp: 49-54






Total Hits: 7

Total Boated:7

Species Breakdown: 6 browns, 1 king

Hot Lure: spoons and sticks

Trolling Speed: 1.8-2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 6-20

Lure Depth: 3-13

==================== What a pleasant surprise. While setting our fifth rod we took a rip off the board. It seemed very large but I was surprised when we boated a 20# King ( first of the year I've heard of in this area). She was a bit dark and full of eggs. We also managed to catch 6 small browns. One again the fish weren't concentrated and we covered lots of water picking a few here and a few there.





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Congrats on the King no matter what the deal is. As wierd as it is, Paul, a couple years ago I organized a large multiple boat trip in the Niagara and one of the boats got a King like that. Fairly chrome, mature ripe eggs but tight in the skein, about the size of that one. Took a minnow but it was on the stella drift IN the Niagara river at this time of year.

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im new to this spring king season. how long is the season and is there a large number that will be coming in to the east side shore?

The Spring King season on the EAST end of the lake is 1 day long and you missed it. Gotta wait until June, July, and August for the east end to start getting good. Go WEST young man :lol:

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