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Spring Salmon.

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Finding Spring kings in other places other than the Niagara region can be tough. Find warmer water with bait and work the area with a variety or sticks and spoons. Most times, warm water, bait and structure are keys in early spring. The mouths of rivers and creeks are also good places to start if the water is green. Fish the edges of the plume. Later in the spring, fish offshore and cover all depths of the water column. Concentrate on temp breaks below and on the surface. Last May / June out of the port I fish, we found kings all over the water column including 120 - 170 down over 300 fow.

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Gambler is right on. Most years, the density to the west is pronounced, this season I expect them to be a little more spread out. Big flows like the Genny, Oswego and Niagara will have them, but sleeper spots that have a smelt population like Sandy/Devils nose will have some around as well. Typically but not always, they do not like to venture inside of 20 fow in the Spring, regardless of what the temp is in there.

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