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Warren's Hook Line & Sinker 1st Annual Brown Trout Derby

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Warren's 1st annual brown trout derby, April 14th thru the 29th. Wayne County waters. Many ways to win, Door rizes, raffles, Free food and beverages each sunday of the event, Minimum 1st place prize of $500.00 Payout will depend on entries. Check out the details on Facebook or stop by the shop, We will be hoding a derby within the derby each weekend as well (winner takes all) What a great way to start the year and warm up for the spring L.O.C.


Warren’s Hook Line ~& ~ Sinker

1st Annual Spring Brown Trout Derby

~Rules and Regulations~

1. Fishing only in Wayne County waters. Brown Trout only.

2. Derby will begin 7:00am. April 14th 2012

Weigh in will be at Warren’s Hook Line & Sinker

*9:00am. till 6:00pm. {Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.}

*9:00am. till 8:00pm. {Friday, Saturday, Sunday. April 14th. Till April 28th}

**Please note that on the 29th. Weigh in will end at 12:00 noon!**

3. All fish must be fresh and not frozen. Weigh Master has the final say as to

whether fish are eligible for entry or not.

4. The winning fish will go by weight 1st being the heaviest and on down to

4th place. Should there be a tie in weight; length will take the higher position.

Should there be a tie in weight and length, the fish weighed in first will take

the higher position.



5. All New York Fishing Regulations Apply.

Fish at your own risk: Warren’s Hook Line & Sinker employee’s and all

sponsors are not responsible for any accidents injuries and or damages during

this event.

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You can find all the info on our facebook site, Or your suppose to be able to, I'll have to check that out. Or you can stop in at the shop and pick it up. Entry fee is $20.00 for the three week derby and if you want to get in on the additional seperate weekend shootouts which is simple winner takes all it's going to be $10.00 for each week end. You can also call us at 315-483-2183

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Sorry guys, I've been puterless the last few days. I'm working on posting the rules. Nothing much to it , just going to be a simple fun derby and u can win a little cash along the way. On Sundays, stop by, weigh your fish in and tell your fishing lies, I mean stories and grab a bite to eat. Ther will be free food and beverage each sunday. Good luck !!!!!!! BTW I saw one 18LB so far.

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Thank you and i'm going to attempt to post some pics of our first two days here shortly. Great weekend, Leader is 12lb 13oz at this point. another 18 lb caught but wasn't in the derby. gotta hate when that happens. Good luck to all.

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Leading brown as of 4/15/2012 is 12.13 lb. Ws a great weekend with a lot of nice fish brought in. Anglers are catching a mixed bag as well, Some nice lakers and kings being caught already. Photobucket Ok I'm going to attemp to attach this photo but I dont think this is going to work lol

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