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40lb Kings in 07'


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Just received the latest Fish Doctor Newsletter and was happy to see a prediction of some larger kings in the future even than this past season of 06'. Due to the size and abundance of bait this is good info to look forward to as well as increased numbers of Kings in the future due to natural reproduction (we all certainly hope, time will tell on the NR issue). Definatley no room to complain after the seasons of 04', 05', and 06' with numbers or size from Eastern Basin takes, but to see a few more of these in the days or years ahead would just ice the cake even better !!!!!

Roland Poulin with a 40+ from 2002



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Was really surprised there was very few really big sharks last fall,when the 4 yr old class at the Niagara in the spring was averaging over 20 lbs.

Largest entered during the spring Scotty Tourney(last weekend in April) was just under 28 lbs.

Where did they go :?: :?:

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I will have to agree with Ernie. With the winters being warmer the past couple of years I think the fish have fed more during the "Cold months" than normal. The lake temp has been higher so the fish should be more active during the winter, IMHO. I am looking forward to getting on the water in the spring and seeing what it will be like. The days are getting longer, it is coming soon. lol


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I have a feeling that the bar isnt going to be as good as it has been the last few years though. We had a fair share of East winds this Spring and that kept it good longer than it should have been. But with no ice on Erie, and this warm winter those fish are going to be on the move early. But I have no doubt that with the mild winter these fish are eating up some bait and we will see some more monster fish this up coming fall! :lol:

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