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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: FishTank




Date(s): 3/27/12

Time on Water:4pm-6pm

Weather/Temp: sunny 37degrees

Wind Speed/Direction: wnw to east

Waves: 2'

Surface Temp: 41

Location:mexico to selkirk





Total Hits: 18

Total Boated:15

Species Breakdown: Browns

Hot Lure: Sodus bay buckeye, Firetiger

Trolling Speed:2.2-2.8

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 9-18'

Lure Depth:




Took the boat out for the maiden voayage of the year and we were met with some pretty rough water off the start but by 5pm it had switched direction and laid down to nothing. It was a great first trip of the year as everything in the boat and all the gear functioned without a flaw. The fishing was fast and furious, as soon as we had the rods out we were doubled up with some average size footballs. Our third fish was the big fish of the day at around 10lbs. After that it was a constant bite for the rest of the trip with the highligt being a set of triples withing 5 minutes of each other. I would say the size of the browns is down a little so far this year but I was glad to see the numbers out there again. The water color was a strange pea green from the launch all the way to selkirk with some sand color close to shore, but it didn't seem to matter as the fish were everywhere. Great to be back on the water!

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that is undisclosed information... :$ just kidding, i catch em on the same stuf i use for browns, R&R spoons and common stick baits in silver and in blue and almost always on overcast days. if i catch 30 browns i usually catch at least 3-5 steelhead. always get a steelhead in front of sunset bay too. thers no magic bait but the froggy R&R razor is always gunnin for a bonus fish.

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