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Ok Guys I could use a little help. I am going up in the am. I just got new down riggers. I have no flasher or lures. What is the best flaser and lurs to start out with? The wife is going up with me so I have to watch what I spend this trip up. Next week is a differnt story, she is staying home.

Thanks for the help


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Green E-chip flasher with a green and whatever flie you like on the shelf. Also a white flasher and white flie has been working lately. For spoons I like the dolphin searies, Green dolphin, blue dolphin, etc. Other spoons of choice for a beginner would be the glow frog with white and silver back, and a whatermellon spoons. I know there are other spoons that work for me and others but these few always seam to catch fish and are always in the water at some point durring the day for me.

Good luck


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My number one producer lately for flashers has been a green Spin Doctor with a green hammer Atommik fly. For spoons, the Stinger NBK in Stingray and Mag has been Hot Hot Hot all season.

Here are some of my favorite flasher / fly combos:

White Spin Doctor with the Hammer fly

Green Spin Doctor with the Packer fly

White Spin Doctor with the Mirage fly

Favorite Spoons:


Froggy / glow froggy




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