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See what you did. I just had to put another order in myself. :yes: But I was just looking at the Okuma clarions with the line counters and I wish I would have ordered 2 of them. Ebay you can get the 30's for 111 delivered to the door. High speed retrieve is nice but I'm happy with the convectors.


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I have experience with both Okuma Reels and Bretts on the bay. They are both great. I found Brett's on ebay when I first started buying gear for trolling. Great prices and good customer service. There business has grown greatly since their humble ebay on days. As far as OKuma I started with the Cabelas reels which are the Okuma Strata reels private labeled for Cabelas which I used for the the first few seasons without fail, then added some Magda, Convectors and a few Catalinas. I have never had a problem with any of them. The pricing allowed me to grow my inventory and have a rod and reel to cover anything from down rigging, to lead core, Dipseys braid and wire as well as a few copper set ups. I have fished with other brands and I found the tekotas to be real nice, but just couldn't afford to have as many combos as I do with the Okuma Reels. For the money they are just flat out hard to beat.

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