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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s): 3/31/12

Time on Water: 4pm- 6:30pm

Weather/Temp: partly cloudy

Wind Speed/Direction: 7mph/North

Waves: less than 1

Surface Temp: 42-43

Location: i bay to webster





Total Hits: 6

Total Boated: 4

Species Breakdown: browns

Hot Lure: rapala j-11 blue

Trolling Speed: 1.5-2.2

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 8-18 ft

Lure Depth: 7-3 ft




the lake finally settled down around 3pm so i got out quick as can be. nothing happening out of the bay or up to shipbuilders, but got busy beyond there. water stained and dirty, but slowly clearing on the way toward webster. plucked a pair of browns in the 3-4lb range within minutes of each other. turned around and grabbed another in the same spot, about the same size as the other 2. missed one while getting hung up on a rod holder. got a strike while letting a line back out(this happens to me a LOT, btw). finally, boated a nice fighting brown that came in exactly at 11lbs and called it a day. was nice to be back out. goby pattern x-rap also did well.

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I have a job to do in Rochester next week and was considering hauling my boat out to fish for Browns. I assume that you fish the main lake outside of the bay??? Would you suggest going east or west out of the bay?

i've always gone east of the channel. well enough to never bother going west, but i see others do. when you get away from the sand bottom of the outflow of the bay and into the rock bottom headed towards webster, the numbers dramatically increase.

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