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4/1/12 Reel Awakening shake down Oak Orchard

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Reel Awakening





Time on Water:7am to 12pm

Weather/Temp:freaking cold, water 41-43

Wind Speed/Direction: 10knots or less

Waves: calm to 2ft

Surface Temp:

Location:Oak Orchard





Total Hits:30

Total Boated:20

Species Breakdown: Kings and Browns

Hot Lure: Thunder stick

Trolling Speed: 2.2-2.8

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 6ft to 20ft

Lure Depth:


Had to get the boat out this weekend for the shakedown before the first charter as this was the only weekend before I get back from vacation.

We headed west of the jetties and started putting out the sticks. First rod to fire was a small brown. Not a bad start after 15 minutes. Then the starboard planer fires and starts screaming, before we could get the rod out of the holder the second starboard fires and it too is screaming. Looked back and these 2 were dancing and running back and forth. At first I thought maybe steelies or atlantics. Got them in and had the first 2 kings of the year 19lbr and 14lbr. Had a couple of double and tripples and a few 20 minute lulls.

Had another king on however after he spooled the ultrlight (got the first on these rods), the hook came out. Steve says, Awww S%^T he's off, then before he could turn the handle on the reel a small brown tagged the stick....

Great day on the water even though it was cold rained and sleeted.

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Yes, i was shocked that the kings were there this morning. Got them around 8am. Especially on ultrlight spinning rods, they don't hold too much line and with planners out you definitely do not have enough time to chase them. Hand on the spool and try to get them to change their mind is always fun.

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Thanks Vince, how did you do? I noticed you netting a few out there. I was in the blue Thompson next to you. i hope you did not think I was trying to crowding you when we got to the point, that was not my intent but I was bouncing between 4-6 fow. Wanted to make sure I was giving our planers enough separation room but stay as deep as possible there. I know there is a couple of big rocks on that point.

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Laker, for browns and cohos I use an Okuma 7 light/medium action spinning combo with 12 lb test. I only use these in early spring. I tried it last year on a king with running a J Plug. Nope on the initial run, it broke the rod and burned the reel in less than 20 seconds.

Game face, It was a blast. I had 3 rookies on board who never caught a king. The 14lbr was the toughest to bring in because he was wrapped up and was comming in side ways, lol.

Jax, try this link to my buddy's face book page. He posted them a couple. If that does not work, I'll post them once I unload my camera.

http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fb ... =1&theater

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Poverty Stricken II, it was one of the best "shake down" trips ever. Just trolling towards my home port of Olcott. Fished 4 hrs and had constant Browns and after we left that warm bubble to you guys at the point we hit 41 degree water for 30 mins. When it climbed back up a degree we hit a small BT and a double on Kings-14fow. 13/14lbs and 18/20lbs. We got 'em back in the water quick. One off a board on a silver blk Live Target stick, and the other off a silver/orange DW SS off a rigger. We figured it couldn't get any better than that so we cleared rods and ran home. Good Luck rest of your season. Our April tackle is Okuma Convector 20 D's and 7 1/2' ML Blue Diamond Okuma rods, BTs are fun on these w/ 10lb leaders--Kings are a RIOT! PS, My mate Nick put the King pics up on our THRILLSEEKER Sportfishing facebook page.

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