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What would you consider essential gear?

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I was having a conversation while trout fishing today with a guy about what he considers essential "never leave home without" lures. So it had me thinking, what do you guys consider never leave the dock without? There is some obvious ones of course, boat, fuel, riggers, safety equipment, sandwiches, :D so on and so forth. Personally, something I never leave behind is my box of stickbaits. I always no matter what time of the year have a nice chrome stick working of a rigger. Anyone care to weigh in on what their favorite go to, or never leave behind setup is?

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Chicken wing and steelies stomper Stinger spoons

My box of Big weenie flys

3 boxes of spin doctors

Extra mag dipsies (just in case)

And my box of O&M spoons..

Just like a American Express card .. Don't leave home without Em..


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depends fishing one body of water or several diffrent ones NK 28S and spin doctors and of course a full fuel tank ohhhhhhhhh abd NEVER LEAVE HOME WHITHOUTSMELLY JELLEY ULTRA SMELT NEVER GO WHITHOUT IT ...... great season on the water to all

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300,400,500&600 copper and the otter boards to get them out away from the boat.

Cores 2 to 10.

R&R Barney spoon and pink alewife.

MI stinger Rosemary's baby.

White and green SD's and Protrolls

And of coarse the secret weapon that always puts the boat on fish. My wife!

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bright neon green Jr Thunderstick

NK28 we call the Money Bait

NK28 we call the purple **** (my ex gf picked it out, but it does catch fish)

the old black and purple spoon we call Barney is my dino

a firetiger R&R

and of course Ol Faithful.

Even though I have a couple hundred spoons in my box these are the ones I run the most.

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