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Yup, Billy is right the gold, or in my case copper, outfished the regular NBK from July on through the summer. From my understanding NK ran out of the copper blanks, and sub'd the gold blanks. I really want the copper ones since they started it all, and I know how well they work.

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I talked to John at NK recently and he tells me that they plan to produce the gold ones next year, not the copper ones. But I'd like to see some in copper too...those that you gave me in August were on fire until we got 'em all bit off!

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Can't go on Monday Ray ;( I am going to Erie :shock: :!: Sorry to say though not to fish :x . I am going for a tour of the facility that I purchase meats and fish from. Maybe I can talk the guys into getting me out on a charter for smallies or wallies :lol: Ray bring the boat down and I'll meet you down there :P

3 days you worked :shock: :?: All in a seven day period :shock: :shock: :?: The wife must be in shock, you"ll need a long vacation, :lol:

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