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We left the dock around 6am and meandered down to the bay setting up a quarter mile from the mouth. Water temps were in the mid 40's. Things started off great as I dropped the Otter Boat overboard the front of the boat cracked around the front hole. SWEET! Well, brother Craig broke out the drill and put it back together with a fresh hole while I deployed the other side of the boat.

We ran 8 flat lines off our Otter Boats. One side pulled bright sticks, and the other side pulled El Natural! We also ran our three downriggers with a spoon program. The bite was just insane! A few times throughout the day we cleared everything with a flurry. Best sticks were Firetiger and Black and Silver. On our Cannon's we pulled a Stinger Sea Sick Waddler, a Dreamweaver Glow Frog SS, and a Dreamweaver Orange Slurpee. Corner riggers back 60' down 5', and the middle rigger back 15' down 5'.

We were pleasantly surprised early on in the morning when a Chinook Salmon slammed a Storm Thin Fin in Black and Silver off a flat line and peeled off a hundred feet. That made the day! As fast as we could get the rods in they would go off it seamed. While we were turning around near the cross we swung out to 25' of water. I lowered the rigger with the Sea Sick Waddler down to 15, and a minute later it was screaming!

With an hour left we decided enough was enough with the Browns. We wanted Kings! So we slid out to 25' of water and out went two slide divers and down went our Cannons. Twenty minutes into it we started to second guess the decision of pulling off the Brown trout. I started to clear the divers to go back inside and as I was pulling the second diver the corner rigger fires with the Dreamweaver Glow Frog. King number three for the day!

All Browns were released to fight another day, however there are three less Kings in the ROC!

A nice Brown Trout!


Another great Brown Trout!


The three Chinooks!




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