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Mexico bay brown trout is crazy good

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Fishing Report

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Date(s): 4/7

Time on Water: 2hrs

Weather/Temp: sunny 40's

Wind Speed/Direction: 15 to 20 north, north west

Waves: 2 to 5's

Surface Temp: 44.5

Location: mexico bay





Total Hits: 14

Total Boated: 13

Species Breakdown: all brown trout

Hot Lure: smithwick sticks and luhr jensen flutters

Trolling Speed: 2.3 to 2.8

Down Speed: 2.3 to 2.6

Boat Depth: 10 to 20

Lure Depth: surface to 10 feet



Only did a short morning but what a fun 2 hours. Waves were rocking and the rods were poppin. we did several doubles and triples on brown fishing was awesome we did land one nice fish around 8 plus and lost one hawg. We had some chummers on the boat so we wernt out long. They were very happy though black lines smithwicks did the most and only ran one line per board and 3 on riggers. spoons took some nice fish to. the only bad glitch was breaking off my middle riggerball and x4 fish hawk probe. a bad crimp job and big waves looks to be the culprate on my part. was not the first and wont be the last I'm sure!!! Fishing should be smokin hottt for a while!!


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