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Lake Erie Tanker Brown...

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Well, while were debating heading North to Olcott, we stopped short thinking that there was no way the reports we had heard about Kings in 20 fow of water off Olcott were correct (BOY DID WE BLOW THAT DECISION!)

We did some mud hen fishing around the PA / NY line and the last fish of the day was a little different from the 8 - 15 lb greasers we had been catching...


14 lb 4 oz Lake Erie Brown

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I think that is a really underutilized fishery. They are out there and nobody targets them. DEC test nettings have consistently found large schools of brownies on Brocton Shoal in the summer, but everyone on erie goes out deeper and targets the tasty boots instead.

Erie has always produced decent sized browns, back in the 80's it was not at all unusual to hear of 15-20+ lb browns coming out of Dunkirk harbor in the winter. I think Erie is really good brown trout habitat and a super fishery could be developed with a little effort.


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