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Black river basin

Roughrider IV

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We have caught many eyes out at the last bouy Red & green bouy it's about 13 to 15 feet deep there, if the wind comes from the southwest it will drift you right up the channel there are humps and drop offs in this area where the walleye lay in these holes, it's only 7 to 5 feet deep as you drift towards the river, we drift up the red bouy side, there is usually less traffic over there till you catch a few then you will have lots of friends!We drift with worm harneses. I use #5 colarado blades (gold) with red beads the entire rig is 18 inches off a 2oz. bottom bouncer if nothing is happening there after a few drifts, we troll down the north shore towards pillier point, with the boards out 60ft each side with a mixed bag of worm riggs to stinger spoons to stick baits all different depths till one of the bag of tricks keeps fireing off then switch to whats working. I think this year we will be trolling the deeper waters as the warm spring has them spawned out already, weeks ago. hope this helps you out. Tight lines to all, Be safe PAP.

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