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Today's Sunrise, Today's Fish

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Today’s sunrise. Looked like something on fire off to the east. But it had a silver lining at sunup.


Today’s fish:


King, 27 & change. 9:00 AM, Off Russell. 75 over 137 FOW. Blk/slvr Howie behind a Blk/Slvr/red Glo dodger. (Love it when they hit a homemade paint job.) 2 ¼ down speed, headed N. Best I’ve done this year. (Lousy photo, knees were shaking too much.) Lost another but happy with this one.

Luck to all,

Tom B.


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Nice catch & photos LongLine! :)

On my way to Sandy this AM I saw that plume of smoke (?) also. I saw it as I was passing Braddocks Bay about 5:45am and then again while we were fishing. It looked like a tornado funnel when I saw it driving by. I've heard thats what water spouts look like, but I have never seen one and don't know when nor how they form.

Can anybody confirm what it was?




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As a meteorologist I can rule out the possibility of a water spout - you need very cold air moving over the warm waters of the lake coupled with an atmospheric disturbance to create enough instability in the atmosphere. A water spout will develop under towering cumulus clouds below the main updraft.

I would say that is a smoke plume of some kind. 8)

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Tom nice fish and you always have nice photos of the lake :D

Tim are you really a meteorologist? If so I have a question for ya. Why the heck do meteorologist (if in fact you are one) spend half of the time on TV telling everyone what the weather WAS all day when we can't go back and do our day over anyways? Who the heck cares why the weather was like it was, once it's over with :? ? Spend more time telling us what the weather will be the rest of the day and upcoming week.

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Tom - Yes I am a meteorologist, but I don't do the TV thing, instead I teach Earth Science at North Rose Wolcott High School in Wayne County. The reason they give info on what happened during the day is mainly for people who keep records and farmers.

I'll pass your comment on to my TV cohorts though!! ;)

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