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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Bahtenda





Time on Water:7hrs, 4.5hrs


Wind Speed/Direction:light and south then WNW?

Waves: <1'

Surface Temp:48 on Sat, 47 Sun

Location:East of I Bay





Total Hits: 18 and 6

Total Boated:8 and 2

Species Breakdown:Browns, Laker, King, Steelies

Hot Lure: NBK, Spook, and Dirty White Boy

Trolling Speed: 1.9-3.0 GPS

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth: Surface, and riggers down to 20'




Saturday morning we set up right out of the channel. 3 lines with sticks on each planer and 2 riggers one had a stick other had a Dirty White BOY. We landed one small steelie right away before we were past the beach. We then proceeded to drop 3 or 4 fish off the boards...not sure why we couldn't keep them on. Things slowed down and we started prospecting from 10 FOW to 30 FOW and I would drop the riggers to wherever we had marks. I also switched the stick off the rigger and put a SS spook on. A fiesty laker took the DWB shortly after the change up. We picked up a few cookie cutter browns and a couple in the 3-5lb range.


We managed to hook a very nice brown on the DWB and lost it at the back of the boat. We stuck it out in the 25-30 FOW range and started to get steady shots on the rigger but dropped a bunch of them too. I'm pretty sure they heard us in Canada when the DWB on the 20' rigger fired and we heard the drag singing. We boated the first king of the year for us. My dad has now caught the first fish of the year 3 years in a row and the first king also this year. That made the day!


Sunday was much slower with only one release off the boards and the rest coming off the rigger, more specifically the one with the NBK that I kept adjusting. Most of the hits were 20 down over 30 FOW. First fish was a little steelie and shortly after that came some more drag singing...but it wasn't a King this time. It was a nice 12lb brown. The rest of the morning was unproductive but the brown made the trip for us.


Thanks to all who replied abou the planer mast emergency! We used a spare knob for the downrigger spools that we found in the boat.

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