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Fishing Report

Captain Carl Bish/Salmo salar:




Date(s): 4-15

Time on Water: 7:30 Am - 11am

Weather/Temp: Cloudly/cool

Wind Speed/Direction: SW 10 mph

Waves: <2'

Surface Temp: 46

Location: West of Pt. Breeze





Total Hits: 30+

Total Boated: 20

Species Breakdown: 12 Kings, 8 Lakers

Hot Lure: MOONSHINE ratchet jaw/ MOONSHINE Orange Slice

Trolling Speed: 2.9 mph

Down Speed: N/A

Boat Depth: 60 - 80

Lure Depth: 40, 50, 60




Tweeked the program from the day before and loaded up with MAG MOONSHINES on 5 out of 6 rods in the program. Kings were super hot on the MS Orange slice at 40' and the Mag Ratchet Jaw at 60', the 200' copper with the mag Bad Toad took both lakers and kings while the dipsys took mostly lakers up high. (Kings under lakers)

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